1. Which of the following is the correct plural form of radish?
A. Radish

B. Radishs

C. Radishes

D. Radishies 

2. Which of the following words requires dropping the ending and adding ies to make it plural?
A. Stray

B. Ability

3.Which of the following sentences contains a plural spelling error?
A. She had to use crutchs for several weeks after breaking her leg.

B. He was used to practicing on many different types of pianos.

C.The cashier collected the monies and deposited them.

D. We all tried to find the keys but had no luck at all. 



5 years ago Comment

1). 'C' The plural of radish is radishes.

2). 'B'  The plural of ability is abilities.

3). 'A'  The plural of crutch is crutches.