1)How do the walls of the atria compare with the walls of the ventricles? why are they different?? 2)What keeps the heart valves from swinging in the wrong direction? 3)which artery is the largest?why? 4) What is the purpose of the coronary arteries?what results if there is a blockage of these arteries??



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1. Ventricular walls are thicker. why? they have to pump blood to the rest parts of the body compare to atria which have to pump blood to its corresponding ventricle only. 2. The valves are attached to papillary muscles which keep them firm and attached to the ventricular wall. 3. The aorta is the largest. Its the main route to which blood goes to the rest of the body and it has to withstand that high pressure of blood expelled by the left ventricle. 4. The coronary arteries supply the heart itself. If they are blocked, it will lead to an myocardial infarction or most commonly known as a heart attack.