A candy machine is filled with candy. The weight of the candy can differ from the desired 84 ounce weight by no more than 0.5 ounces. Solve the absolute value equation given in order to find the heaviest and lightest acceptable weights for the candy machine.

|x – 84| = 0.5



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when solving absolutes remember there's always going to be two version to the problem the original version and the negated version.

|x-84|=0.5    -|x-84|=0.5
 x-84=0.5     -x+84=0.5
 x=0.5+84    -x=0.5-84
 x= 84.5       -x=-83.5

so that means that the least amount of weight should be 83.5 while the most amount should be 84.5