A hypothesis does all of the following EXCEPT

A) attempt to answer the question

B) be evaluated through experimentation

C) a be refined after evolution

D) acts as a universal principle



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Because a hypothesis is an "Educated Guess" so it obviously cannot be a principal that is used in Science. For Example, I could say my hypothesis on Men and Women is that Women are smarter. This is not necessarily true because I don't have any facts yet. In order to discover the answer, I must A) Attempt to answer and see if this is true, B) Evaluate this by doing experiments, and C) I must change my hypothesis so it is correct. I cannot say this is a "Universal Principle" by stating it.
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 D) acts as a universal principleIt's D because a hypothesis is just an educated guess(sort of) of what you think happens.  A universal principle is the exact opposite of that.