A plot of land in the shape of a vertical ellipse has a pole at each focus. The foci are 8 feet from the center. If the plot of land is 34 feet across the vertical axis, then it is ?(24,30,32, or 36)?feet across the other axis. The eccentricity of the ellipse traced by the boundary of this plot, rounded to the nearest thousandth, is?(0.543, 0.515, 0.471, or 0.459)?



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To get the length of the y-axis, get the distance of the focus from the origin and use the formula
a= sqrt(b^2+c^2)
b= 17ft, divide the 34 by 2
c =8ft, distance from the origin to focus
a= 18.79 ft or 18 ft
2a= 36 the length of the other axis
e= c/a
e=8/18.79 ft
e =0.459