can you tell me what is alphabet soup?



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alphabet soup is a confused mixtures of things. that is the English Oxford dictionary term for it


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There is also an "alphabet soup" in Washington State History. During the Great Depression, the citizens elected FDR, Franklin D. Roosevelt, to help them out of the Great Depression. So with that FDR created programs which included the AAA, CCC, CWA, DRS, DSH, EBA, FAA, FAP, FCA, FCC, FDIC, FERA, FHA, FLSA, FMP, FSA, FSRC, FTP, FWA, FWP, HOLC, NIRA, NLRA, NLRB, NRA, NYA, PRRA, PWA, RA, REA, SEC, SSA, SSB, TVA, USHA, USMC, and WPA.