can you tell me what Is Verbosity?



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You have asked quite an ordinary question, specifically related to the definition as well
as perhaps the usage of a certain 9-letter word in the English language, being the
official language of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and several
other of the Earth's sovereign nations, and in addition, the lingua franca de facto
across most of the length and breadth of the totality of our entire planet.  In response
to your question, a working definition of the word concerning which you have inquired
may easily be formulated by any reasonably well read or well educated English
speaker, provided that he is an individual who happens to frequent the website known
as <Brainly.com> and chances to encounter your question before such time as two
responses have already been posted by others.  In conclusion, we can summarize
briefly the content of any correct response to the question, as follows: The term
'verbosity' ... a noun comprised of four syllables ... is the practice in speech or writing
of using an excess of words.  Put in other words, it is the the use of a great and
usually an excessive number of words, or the habit of being wordy.