During a triathlon. Sharon swims 1/4 of the total route and cycles 3/8 of the remaining route. If she runs 3,600 meters, find the total distance of the route.



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first things first, lets make every thing a percent this will help so much. so 1/4 =25% and 3/8 = 37.5% (i figured that out by calculator). together we know she only swam and biked 62.5% so that leave another 37.5% which we know she ran and also that its 3600m. so now lets set up a cross multiplying problem. percents on one side and meters on the other. we're going to use 100% in this cross multiplying because thats what we want to know. so (37.5/100) * (3600/?). ⇒(100*3600)=360000 .. (360000÷37.5)=9600 this means that in total she traveled 9600 meters.