Erica sells magazine subscriptions and makes a flat rate of $5.35 for each subscription she sells. If Erica made $42.80 on Monday, $64.20 on Tuesday and $74.90 on Wednesday, how many subscriptions did she sell in the three days?



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1)we add all amounts of money collected:
money collected=$42.8 + $64.2 + $74.9=$181.9

2) Now calulate the numbers of subscritions that she sold in the three days.
ratio=1 subscriptions/$5.35
number of subscriptions=ratio * money collected.

number of subscription=(1 subscription/$5.35) * ($181.9)=34 subscriptions.

Answer : 34 subscriptions:

other method:
we can solve this problem by the rule of three.

1 subscriptions-------------------$5.35

x=(1 subscriptions * $181.9) / $5.35=34 subscriptions.

Answer: 34 subscriptions sold