help!??!? How many different ways can a family of four sit at a rectangular dinner table with one person at each side?

A. 4 ways
B. 12 ways
C. 16 ways
D. 24 ways



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The answer for these probability questions is always *How many people* Times(x) *How sides does the shape have*
So the Answer to this question would be 16 (4x4)
It works in different ways
A combo of 5 different shirts and 3 different pants
How Many outfits could be made
(5x3) = 15


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Use the fundamental principle of counting. In the first seat, we can choose the seater from the four persons. On the next seat, only 3 people would be available. On the second, there are 2 and finally 1 to the last seat. Multiply all the possible number of seaters,
                                4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 16
Thus, the answer is letter C.