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1. Mike observed that 75% of the students of a school liked skating. If 35 students of the school did not like skating, the number of students who liked skating was ______. (only put numeric values, no other symbols)

2. In a certain county, the number of charter schools is 6 less than twice the number of alternative schools. We know that there are 52 charter schools in the county. How many alternative schools are in the county?



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1. I feel the need to explain things first before I write the numeric value. 
   Let x be the total number of students in the school. 25% of this value is given to be 35.
                        (0.25)x = 35
The value of x is 140. 75% of this value is the answer which is equal to 105.

2. Let y be the alternative schools. With this, the number of charter schools is 2x - 6 which is equal to 52 
                              2x - 6 = 52
The value of x is 29. Therefore, there are 29 charter schools.