How do us measure volume in science e.g if something is 14ml What is that in cm3 thanks



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'ml' and 'cm³' are exactly the same volume, and they're both metric units.

If you're asking about volume measurements in the USA, then
fasten your seat belt.  It's going to be a bumpy ride:

-- 29.5735295625 ml makes 1 US fluid ounce

-- 8 US fluid ounces makes 1 US cup

-- 2 US cups makes 1 US pint (16 US fluid ounces)

-- 2 US pints makes 1 US quart (32 US fluid ounces, 4 US cups)

-- 4 US quarts makes 1 US gallon
(8 US pints, 16 US cups, 128 US fluid ounces, 231 cubic inches)