How important is the poem's message in your life?
Poem.Titled "The Seven Ages Of Man"



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The poem relates to literary topos theatrum mundi, which states that there is no free-will, and world is just a God's play, where he writes roles for each of us, and we are determined to behave in a manner which was chosen for us.

Poem shows life as a process where our social roles are set, and the outcome of life is determined. The person described in poem doesn't seem to have his own thoughts, he just adapts to the current stage of "life schedule".

Theatrum mundi also reverses the usual demand that theatrical plays should reflect he life, by stating that it is the life which reflects theatrical play. Although it may be arguable to agree totally with the concept of world as a theatrical play, if we narrow the perspective, it is true, that we all act to adapt to society. We behave differently among our parents, grandparents, teachers, classmates, friends. On the internet we too are trying to shape our image in a manner which we think will be desirable towards our target group. Clothes, gadgets and other possessions (save for it's inherent utility) are chosen based on how they will be perceived by society. They are what costume is for an actor, while the way of talking, eating, gestures, what we say or don't say are acting itself.
To conclude I agree the message is important for me as what is described in it affects me and every person i meet. As for the broader perspective, I do believe that there is cause and effect between relationship between everything what is happening, therefore I agree that everything what I will do and what will happen is predetermined, maybe by the laws of the universe, maybe by the God, but there is no way of changing it. However since i don't know the future I think that all this predeterminism is just a fun fact not affecting my life.

Ok those are just some loose thoughts and facts. But i hope that they help :)