How to find the velocity of an object in a circular path?



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First of all, let's just talk about the speed, and not get wound up
in the velocity. OK ?

If a fly is sitting on the rim of the wheel and the wheel is rotating, then for
each full revolution of the wheel, the fly travels the circumference of the
wheel, which is (2 π) x (radius of the wheel).

In 'N' revolutions, the fly travels (2 N π) x (the radius). and so on.

So if the wheel is going, let's say 71 revs per minute (RPM), a point
on the rim is moving at (2 π times 71) x (the radius) per minute.

Another way to say it:

Speed of a point on the circle = (2 π) x (rotation frequency) x (radius).

The 'rotation frequency' takes care of the unit of time, and the 'radius'
takes care of the unit of length, so the result is a speed.


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Distance of an object in a circular path is equal to the circumference of the circular path, so the formula to find speed is -

 Speed = [latex] \frac{2 \pi r}{Time} [/latex]
Speed is there because velocity keeps changing continuously, because of the change of direction.