how would I calculate the X from a known velocity when launching a ball off a table?



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Here are the steps you would need to follow:

#1). Define what 'the 'X is, and how it's related to the ball.
#2). Be clear on how 'the X' is related to the 'known velocity'.
#3). Identify how the 'known velocity' is related to the action of the ball when it's launched.

With this information in front of you, you'll have a much better chance
of answering the question.

With none of it in front of me, I have no chance at all.


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Use the equation:

[latex]X=ut+ \frac{1}{2} at^{2} [/latex]
where u is the initial velocity, a is the acceleration downwards (in this case [latex]a=g=9.81m s^{-2} [/latex])

Hope this helps :)