I need answers for the AYUDAR A LOS DEMÁS UNIT 8 TEST LESSON 6

1. Which of the following is not a place where one can volunteer?
A. Voice
B. Voice
C. Voice
D. Voice

2. How do you say one must in Spanish
A. Hay que
B. A menudo
C. Que más
D. Es necesario

3. Listen to the AUDIO clip to whom does the indirect object pronoun refer?
A. A ella
B. A mí
C. A ellos
D. A nosotros

4. Listen to the AUDIO clip to whom does the indirect object pronoun refer?
A. A mí
B. A ti
C. A vosotros
D. A nosotros

5. A person of mixed European and indigenous heritage is commonly to as a____
A. Mixtec
B. Mestizo
C. Maya
D. Nahuatl

6. Which is not a place in the community?
A. La escuela primaria
B. La gente
C. El hospital
D. El Centro de reciclaje

7. Which is an inanimate object?
A. El Niño
B. La anciana
C. El juguete
D. La gente

8. Miguel no___ mucho?
A. Dices
B. Dicen
C. Decimos
D. Dice

9. Which is not a step in recycling?
A. Separar el Plástico del cartón
B. Recoger el plástico y el vidrio
C. Llevar todo al centro de reciclaje
D. Hacer el trabajo de voluntario

10. Elsa y yo ____ el juguete?
A. Hiciste
B. Hicimos
C. Hicieron
D. Hizo

11. Where could you volunteer if you want to be a teacher?
A. El Hospital
B. El Centro de reciclaje
C. La escuela primaria
D. El Barrio

12. Carolina nos___ el trabajo voluntario?
A. Di
B. Dio
C. Diste
D. Dieron

13. Yo__ digo la información a vosotros?
A. Os
B. Nos
C. Les
D. Te

14. If I want to say box in Spanish, what word would I use?
A. La Bolsa
B. La caja
C. La lata
D. El río

15. Listen to the audio clip What does the phrase? Recording
A. What else
B. One must
C. It's necessary
D. Again

16. How do Los Topos pay for their training?
A. Through private donations
B. Through telemarketing campaigns
C. Through grants and public funding
D. Through the Department of the Interior

17. Which is not a main theme of Elena Poneiatowska's works?
A. Social injustice
B. Nature
C. Government inefficacy
D. Feminism

18. What is the purpose of the Programa de Vigilantes Ecológicos, which is maintained by the office of Mexico's secretaria del Medio Ambiente?
A. To educate school communities about environmental issues
B. To inform the public about upcoming conservation efforts
C. To reach out for volunteers needed to aid in environmental protection programs
D. To increase awareness of ecological habitats that are in danger

19. How do you he gave in Spanish(Voice questions)

20. What is Elena Poniatkwska's writing style called?
A. Science fiction
B. Historical fiction
C. Testimonial novel
D. Poetry

21. How does the Los Topos group get its name? Why is it important?

22. How does ECO-RETO en tu escuela help get local schools involved?

23. Who did Elena Poniatowska try to help? How did she help them through her writing?

24. What role have las pependores played in Mexico, and what has been the result?

25. Explain why earthquakes are so common in Mexico?



2 years ago Comment

Hola! Unfortunately, I can not answer all the questions, for some, you need to thing on your own(essay questions) and others require voice audio in order to answer some questions. But I will answer some:
5. B
8. D
11. C
12. B
14. B
For the others, do your best and I know you'll do great!


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20 C