In Seven Ages of man by William Shakespear What do you mean by
Sighing like furnace,with wipeful ballad
Made to his mistress eyebrow,Then the soldier
Jealous in honor,sudden and quick in quarrel
Seeking the bubble reputation



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1) Sighing like furnace with a woeful ballad made to his mistresses' eyebrow : - These lines of the poem, " The Seven Ages " describe a man's third age : - that is ' the lover'. It describes how a lover sighs at the memory of his mistress and writing poems even for his mistresses' eyebrow is his charectersistic nature.

2) Jealous in honour, Sudden and quick in quarell : - These lines convey the fourth age of a man ; that is , ' The Soldier'. In this age , a man becomes rude and jealous in every matter. For him ; honour is everything; even be it momentary and is always ready to fight for it even for small things.