is 0.45 equal to 4/10



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No it is not equal 
4/10 =0.4
0.45=45/100 or 9/20
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ill try to explain it a little better
but lets put this as a problem..
0.45 = 4/10?
first of all we need to know 4/10 as a decimal 
----    = 0.40 as a decimal 

okay now we can set this up again as our problem
0.45 = 0.40?
well if we were to subtract these (and they were equal to each other) we would get zero lets try that:)
0.45 - 0.40 = 0.05 
thats not zero!
meaning these definitely dont equal zero
in fact 0.45 is greater than 0.40 
sooo whats my answer your probly asking 
well these two digits are not equal to each other

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