john thunderhawk is making furniture he finds that to design a particular cabitnet and set up his shop to produce it cost $1400. then the labor and supplies to build each one are $400. so his cost,y, for x items is respentented by y=1400+400x. he can sell the cabinets for $600. so his revenue y is repesentive by y=600x. the solution tothis system of equations is his break even piont the point beyond which he starts making profit. How many cabinets must he sell to break even?



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The break-even point is the point where the total sales or revenue is equal to the total costs of the process. In this case, the total sales is represented by    y = 1400+400x while the total costs is represented by the equation y = 600x. We equate the two equations 1400 + 400x = 600 x to get the number of cabinets to be sold. x is equal to 7 cabinets. The answer is 7 cabinets.