Kayla has decided to paint the ceiling in the living room. She has 1/30 gallon of paint left. The living room ceiling will take 5/6 gallon. After buying another gallon and painting the ceiling, how much paint will she have left?



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So the ceiling takes 5/6 gallon to paint. We know that you already have 1/30 gallon and another gallon in addition to that. We must convert the 5/6 into ?/30 so we can see how much we need to use. So if we convert 5/6 to out of 30, we get 25/30. So the first can has 1/30 gallon so we subtract that amount from the total paint needed. So now we only need 24/30 gallon to paint the ceiling. If we subtract that amount needed from the full (30/30) can we have left, that will give us the remaining amount of paint we have left. 30/30-24/30= 6/30. This reduces to 1/5. So there is 1/5 gallon of paint left over after painting the ceiling.