Kevin plans to put concrete on a rectangular portion of his driveway. The portion is 10 feet long and 3 inches high. The price of concrete is $98 per cubic yard. The total cost of the concrete Kevin needs is $72.59. Which of the following is closest to the width of the portion of the driveway on which Kevin plans to put concrete?

[1 foot = 12 inches; 1 yard = 3 feet]

3 feet

6 feet

8 feet

10 feet



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We are given with the price of concrete which is $98 per cubic yard. The budget is  $72.59. Hence the cubic yards that can be created is 72.59/98 equal to 0.74 cubic yards. The dimensions are  10 feet long and 3 inches high. 0.74 yards is equal to 20 cubic feet. 3 inches is equal to 0.25 feet. Hence the width is 20/10/0.25 or equal to 8 feet.