Linda is buying boxes of ice-cream sandwiches for a party. She has to decide how many boxes she should purchase.

A formula for this scenario is       
 x=   __

Rewrite the equation to solve for the number of boxes of ice-cream sandwiches Linda should order.
x = number of people at the party
y = number of ice-cream sandwiches per box
z = number of boxes
a = number of ice-cream sandwiches each person will eat



4 years ago Comment

since you didn't provide any numbers I will show you how to solve this for each letter provided:
x=yz/a is already solved for x

solving for y: xa=yz, so divide both sides by z and you will get y=xa/z
solving for z: xa=yz, so divide both sides by y and you will get z=xa/y
solving for a: xa=yz, so divide both sides by x and you will get a=yz/x

now if you have any number to begin with you can just plug them in the formulas provided above! Hope this helps.