Ms. Hernandez began her math class by saying:

I'm thinking of 5 numbers such that their mean is equal to their median. If 4 of the numbers are 14, 8, 16, and 14, what is the 5th number?

What is the 5th number Ms. Hernandez is thinking of?
A. 13
B. 14
C. 15
D. 16
E. 18



5 years ago Comment

put the numbers in order.
8, 14, 14, 16
median is middle number. it will be beteeen 14 and 14. therefore the number has to be 14. the answer is B


5 years ago Comment

the mean is 8+14+14+16+X divided by 5. (52+X)/5
the median must be 14. so (52+X)/5 
therefore X is 18. The 5th number is 18