Nick typed 275 words in 2.5 minutes. At this rate, how many hours will it take him to type 9,900 words?



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oooo i love these:)
the first thing we should do is turn both of these into fractions
 but we are going to put x on top of the 9,900 one because we dont know that yet 
  2.5           x
--------     -------- 
  275       9,900

so now we have to think.. what we could multiply by 275 to get 9,900. You would be thinking forever about that so lets just divide them:)

9,900 / 275 = 36
there we go as easy as that :D
so since we multiplied 36 by 275 to get 9,900 we should do the same to our top number to get x.
let me show you:)
  2.5   x36        x
--------           -------- 
  275  x36     9,900
so to get x lets solve 2.5 times 36
2.5 x 36 = 90
LOOK!!! we got our answer! finally so this means that it would take him 90 minuets to type 9,900 words.
have a good one:))