one liter of paint covers 100 square feet. a wall that measures 32 feet by 16 feet is going to be painted.

a. about how many gallons of paint will it take to paint the whole wall?

b. if the paint can only be bought in gallons containers,how many containers will be purchased?

c. how many liters of paint will be remaining in the container?



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A) The wall = 32ft * 16ft = 512 square feet.
If one liter of paint covers 100 square feet then you're going to need 6 liter of paint because 5 liters could only cover 500 square feet so it wouldn't be enough. So you get the formula Liter * 0.26417 = gallons and plug in the 6 liter to get 1.58502 gallons

B) From the answer above you can estimate that you would need 2 gallons

C) Remember that you had 6 liters of paint which = 600 square ft. So you have 600 square ft of paint - 512 square ft wall = 88 square ft unused paint. And if one liter = 100 square ft, x liters = 88 square ft. So to get the liter you get the equation 100x=88  --> x=88/100
So the ANSWER is .88 liters of paint will be left remaining in the container.


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Find the area (A) of the rectangular wall by multiplying the dimensions,
                                       A = L x W
                                       A = (32 ft) x (16 ft) = 512 ft²
a.  (512 ft²) x (1 L / 100 ft²) x (1 gal/ 3.79 L) = 1.35 gal
b. The nearest whole number that is greater than 1.35 is 2. So, 2 containers should be bought.
c. There will remain an amount of 0.65 gallon which is equal to 2.4635 L.