Please go to Lesson 11.11. Please show you're work AND show you're work in paper and take a picture and send it to me. Please help.



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Dear SailorMars, since I don't have a phone I will show my work on this chat. For 2. we can do 1x1x28=28 cm³ and 2x2x7=28cm³ which will have a square base, which is 2 possible molds. For 3. we can do 10x1x36=360in³, 10x2x18=360in³, 10x3x12=360in³, 10x4x9=360in³, and 10x6x6=360in³ which will have a dimension of 10 in, which is 5 possible molds.
For 4. multiply 12x8x4=384in³ and multiply 20x15x9=to get 2700in³. With the two measurements, subtract 2700-384=2316in³ of space in the box.
For 5. multiply the equations 5x2x1, 5x2x2, 5x2x3, 5x2x4, and 5x2x5 to get the volumes in order 10ft³, 20ft³, 30ft³, 40ft³, and 50ft³.
For 6. multiply the equations 3x6, 3x7, 3x8, 3x9, 3x10, 3x11, and 3x12 to get the inches in order 18 in, 21 in, 24 in, 27 in, 30 in, 33 in, 36 in.
For 1. multiply 6x8x10 to get 480 in³; the answer is C
For 2. multiply 12x8=96 and divide 576/96 to get 6 in; the answer is A
For 3. 7:50+ :28= 8:18 PM then 8:18+2:  =10:18 PM; the answer is D
For 4. it's a square pyramid because a square pyramid has squares and pyramids; the answer is D
For 5. multiply 24x12x14=4032 in³; the answer is D
For 6. multiply 2x3x6 to get 36m³; the answer is C