Please help i don't get any of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please explain!!!!!!!
I have been struggling for a while!!!!!



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Please include what you are struggling with.


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 due to the fact that I am not very knowledgeable in this subject I don't really know if I know the answers but I will try anyway.
A.  The position of the full venous in relation to the earth and sun differs compared to the full moon by the fact that the full venous is located behind the sun while the full moon is located behind the earth (the full venous is very far away while the full moon is not that far away).  The apparent size of the moon should not change since it is never moving further away during the cycle (unlike Venous).

B.  Both the new moon and new Venous are between the earth and sun (Venous got a lot closer and the moon is still the same distance away).
 C.  The apparent size of the moon never changes which indicates that it is not moving away.  since it is not moving away it would make sense that it has a circular orbit around the earth.
 I hope this helps you.