The function N(t)=300/(1+299e^-0.36t) describes the spread of a rumor among a group of people who have heard the rumor, and (t) is measured in minutes since the rumor was started. Which of the following statements are true?

a. The rate at which the rumor spreads speeds up over time.
b. Initially, only one person had heard the rumor.
c. It will take approx. 14 mins for 100 people to hear the rumor.
d. There are 299 people in the enclosed space.



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Inspect the choices to determine which among them is/are true.

a. Since the variable t is in denominator as a negative exponent, increasing it will also increase the number of people.

b. Substitute 0 to t of the given equation gives an answer of 1.

c. Substitute 14 to the given equation which will lead to an answer of 14.

d. It is not stated so there are no way of knowing.