The table shows the weekly change in the water level in a swimming pool. After 4 weeks, the pool owner adds water to return the water level back to the original level. Raising the water level by 1 inch requires 320 gallons. The water hose has a flow rate of 5.75 gallons of water per minute. Will it take less than an hour to fill the pool back to return the water level to the original level? Explain your reasoning.

Week:                       1            2           3             4
Change (in.):          - 1/2        3/4      -1 1/8      -1 3/8

The original question does not mention anything about the water levels.



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Best answer

so we just need to raise the pool back to original level
in total, the pool drained a total of 1 and 3/8 inches
so we need to find out how long it would take to raise the pool by 1 and 3/8 inches

1 inch=320 gallons
1 and 3/8=320 times 1 and 3/8=320 and 960/8=440
he needs to put in 440 gallons
it is 5.75 gallons per minute
find out how many minutes it will take
440=5.75 times x minutes
divide both sides by 5.75
77 minutes

1 hour=60 minutes
it will take more than 1 hour to make the pool back to original level