what is a first-person narrative?



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It's the person talking behind the scene but it's telling it in their own eyes (words)


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We write and speak in three different 'persons' . . .

Let's say I'm telling you something about Sam.

I'm the first person. You're the second person. Sam is the third person.

First Person:  I, we, us

Second Person: You, you-all

Third Person:  He, she, it, they, them

So there are three different ways to write or tell the same story.

Most stories that you read are written either in the First person or the Third person.

"First-person narrative" is a story being told by the person it's about.
"I'm Al. I got up in the morning. Then I got dressed, I went to the store, and bought milk."

"Third-person narrative is a story being told about somebody.
"Sam got up in the morning. Then he got dressed, he went to the store, and he got milk."

I saved "Second-person narrative" for last, because it's not used very often
and so it sounds weird.  But there ARE whole books written in Second-person:
"Your name is Johhny Schlaffgut.  You went to bed early last night because
yesterday was a tough day at the office and you were tired. But this morning
you felt OK. You woke up, you got dressed, and you went to the store for milk."