What is the algebraic expression for this story problem?

A tank is filling with water from a natural spring well. Two days ago the water was 10 feet deep, and yesterday the water was 12 feet deep. Assume that the water depth continues to rise at this same rate after today. 



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1.       Give the algebraic expression of the given story:
=> A tank is filling a water from natural Spring.
=> 2 days ago water measured 10 feet deep
=> yesterday the water measured 12 feet deep
=> And the water rises the same amount each day. Algebraic expression is:
=> Since the filling of water in the tank is constant per day which means the water rises 2 feet per additional day.
=> let’s assign a variable for the number of days. Let’s have X
Now, let’s add the total of water depth 2 days ago until today.
=> 10(2 days ago) + 2(yesterday) + 2(today)
=> 14 feet
Then the algebraic expression would be:
=> 14 + 2x
where x is equals to the number of days that will pass.