what is the answer to 36-4(m)



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' 36 - 4(m) ' is not a question, and there's nothing about it that seeks an answer.

It's also hard to imagine anything that a teacher might ask you to do to it ...

-- It's an expression that stands for a number, but there's no way to
figure out the number without knowing what number 'm' is.

-- It's such a simple expression that there's nothing to simplify, expand, or factor.

WAIT !  It can be factored.
If the assignment was to factor 36-4(m) , then the factored form is

               4 (9 - m) .


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Hello ! 

[latex]36-4(m) \\ =36-4m \\ =4*9-4*m \\ =4(9-m)[/latex]