what is the solution for this and the work you need to do it
x+4y=6 y=-x+3



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do you need to find x and y or do you need it to be in the form of y=mx+b ?


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Best answer

y=-x+3: x+4y=6Solve y y= -x+3 Substitute -x+3 for y in x +4y = 6x+4y=6x+4(-x+3)=6Simplify both sides of the equation -3x+12=6 Add -12 both sides -3x+12+-12=6+-12 -3x=-6Divide both sides by -3-3x/3=-6/-3x=2 Substitute 2 for x in y=-x+3y= -x+3y= -2+3y=  1
The answer is y=1 and x=2
I hope this really help you !