Which of the following statements is TRUE about dopamine?


The brain's purpose in releasing dopamine is to naturally discourage healthy behaviors.


The release of dopamine as a result of drug use tricks the brain into believing the drug is good for the body.


The release of dopamine as a result of drug use promotes normal brain functioning.


Drug addicts often have a decreased toleration for dopamine after prolonged drug use.



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Best answer

Dopamine is a neurotramitter that you body make.  it has several functions, one function is that release of dopamine can make a person feel very good. 

a. is false because as I stated above it make you feel good when you are doing normal healthy things like exercise, excited by love (or Lust). 
b. is true, drug s trick the body into releasing dopamine and that is the high that addicts look for
c. false, release of too much dopamine can also cause harm to normal brain function- it can damage nerve transmission, It's kind of like abusing the engine of a car that has engine problems and running it at 100 miles an hour.  The engine will enventually fail
d. true, it take more of drug for the body to release the same feeling, the nerves that recieve dopamin become less active or die.

so B and D are true and now you know why