Which sentence uses a verb that agrees with its compound subject? A. Either my grandmother or my parents watches my baseball game. B. Steve and Thuan loves professional basketball. C. Old clothes and shoes is stored in the closet. D. Pumpkins and grapes are grown on vines. Question Resources



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D. Pumpkins and grapes are grown on vines.


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D is the correct answer.

Because language is weird and picky, if the subject of your sentence (the main thing the sentence is about) is plural, your verb is spelled and said differently than if you had a singular subject. Usually you can tell which one is right just by how it sounds when you say it.

For example: "Apples are good" & "The apple is good." are both correct.
You wouldn't say "Apples is good" or "The apple are good." It's a bit weird to explain, but I'm sure you could tell that it kinda sounds out of place when you say it out loud.

A, B, and C all sound weird when you say them out loud.

If you have too many subjects, you can shorten it to "they"
Instead of "Old clothes and shoes is...", you can make it "they is." It just makes the sentence cleaner and easier to make sense of.

Hope this wasn't confusing, language is really weird sometimes.