-x+10=5x-12 the answer



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-x+10=5x-12 So first you need to put the x's on one side. You have to transfer 5x. So it will be -5x - x. When you transfer the 5, you change the sign. So if it was -3, it would be 3 when you move it. Now you move the 10. It has a plus infront of it so it will be negative. So now you have -5x -x=-10 -12. -10-12=-22. -5x-x=-6x. So you have -6x=-22. Now you have to rid of the 6. 6x is the same as 6 times x, so you use division. So you have x=22/6. (Since you have two negative numbers you can cross them out) and you can now simplify. Your answer would be... 3 2/3!


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[latex]-x+10=5x-12\\ 6x=22\\ x=\frac{22}{6}=\frac{11}{3}[/latex]